What is Kopi Josari?

Kopi Josari is a type of robusta coffee that is produced and processed by K’bon Kopi Josari. The one-stop process produces coffee with quality control since the process of picking red, post-harvest processing, roasting and packaging.

What is Robusta Coffee?

Robusta is taken from the word "robust", which means strong. As the name implies, this type of coffee has a stronger flavor and tends to be more bitter than Arabica.

One-stop Process

All processes from picking, preparing, roasting, to packaging are done at Kebon Kopi Josari. Supervision is done from the beginning to get #1 quality.

Good quality of seeds

Red picked coffee fruit will be selected to get the best coffee beans. This is done so that the coffee powder produced has the distinctive taste of Temanggung Coffee.

Roast To Order

Unlike coffee in general, our coffee is fresh coffee. That means we wait until we receive your order before we start the roasting machine.

Directly from The Factory

It's not like buying coffee at a food stall that doesn't know where it came from. Get coffee directly from farmers to guarantee the grade, quality, and original taste.

Hot Or Cold

Like to enjoy brewed coffee or ice? Our coffee is suitable for all your needs.

Made with Love

Because the process of coffee from picking to ready-to-serve is a process that requires patience and 'feel'.

How is Coffee processed?

Coffee processing starts from the maintenance of the garden. K'bon Kopi Josari does not use chemical fertilizers, because the use of chemical fertilizers, especially spraying fruit to eradicate the insects of coffee pests will greatly affect the taste of coffee.

Coffee processing is a full process of selection/sorting at each stage. Starting with the picking selection, the coffee fruit is red but not too red or even black.

After being picked, the coffee fruit is selected again by putting it in a bucket of water. Floating coffee fruit is separated, because there is a possibility that it is eaten by insects/pests.

Furthermore, coffee is processed according to its designation, which is 4 product variants that also have different processes.

"Hidup hanya sekali, ngopi saja"

Josari Coffee, Fresh Roasted Coffee!